In less than two weeks, local Austin infill builders raised $10,000 in less than to help pay off the lunch debts of Austin ISD students.

This means that 3,400 students will won't have to carry home a note to their parents, reminding them of the debt they had accrued simply by getting a hot meal at school. While some students are enrolled in a free/reduced lunch program that either partially or entirely covers the cost of their lunch and...

CodeNEXT Draft Three

"The first version of CodeNext looked at neighborhood areas within a quarter-mile to a half-mile from major transit arteries as transition areas that would step down density through the use of so-called transect zones.

The second draft did away with transect zones, but some of the increased density off major roads remained. Scott Turner, the owner of Riverside Homes, said he will be looking at those areas first on...


On Thursday, December 7th the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin celebrated a new slate of board members for 2018, and recognized outstanding members “of the year” for their efforts and contributions to the HBA in 2017.

Among those who received awards for their work was Riverside Homes' own Scott Turner, who received the top honor of Builder of the Year.

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